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A Walk in the Park with Cypark Resources Berhad (5184)

Lately, I have been searching for a company which has good profit margins, a business model which is non-conventional (i.e., not manufacturing, banking, plantation, and trading in nature), and resilient to external market shocks. I hope I have found the right company! This week I will be looking at Cypark Resources Berhad (5184). Cypark is a company that is involved with the provision of environmental solutions. It has 4 main business segments which are: 1. Environmental engineering: Provision of nature conservation and environmental improvement services. 2. Landscaping and infrastructure: Provision of landscape services, project management services, and infrastructure development. 3. Maintenance: Provision of specialist maintenance works on leachate treatment plants, landscape services for parks, and maintenance of public amenities. 4. Green technology & renewable energy: Solar panel, biogas, biomass, waste-to-energy, and other renewable energy project

FBMKLCI Bear Market Reality?

Are we in a bear market? One thing is for sure, the FBMKLCI is trending like one. It has retreated about 12% to 1,663 points since reaching a high of 1,896 points on April 20, 2018, and is trading well below its 365-day moving average. See Chart 1 below: Chart 1: FBMKLCI, July 7, 2018 During times like these, cash is king. Most counters that I have been following have been either trending lower or consolidating. It has been a rather uninteresting period in the Malaysian stock market. I have been sitting on the sidelines not wanting any action at the moment. I am looking for opportunities in other financial markets to trade. Other than that, the only thing worth noting is the political state of Malaysia. I will still continue to review companies and analyse their charts.  If any of you have a great investment idea which you would like to share, do drop your comments below or email me.  Cheers!

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI Review (19/5/2018)

It has been a week since Malaysia's 14th General Election. We have witnessed the fall of a government that has ruled Malaysia for about 61 years. Lets us see how has the market has fared. From my previous review on April 21, 2018, I expected a bullish market leading to the general election. But I noted that if the market were to break below 1,880 points, this would indicate an immediate change in market sentiment from bullish to bearish, and this would lead to a decline to around 1,810 points. Do check out my previous review in this LINK . The FBMKLCI broke below 1,880 points on April 24, 2018, and proceeded to tread lower in the following weeks. Looking at the FBMKLCI in Chart 1 below, we can see that the bourse made a "false breakout" from a horizontal trend channel on April 20, 2018. The bourse was closed on May 9 for the general elections, and on May 10 and 11 after Pakatan Harapan, the new ruling coalition, gained a simple majority in the Parliamen

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI Review (21/4/2018)

It has been some time since I last blogged about the markets. So far, I have been accurate about the markets. Do check out my previous review of the FBMKLCI .  The index staged a breakout on April 19, 2018, to close on a high of 1,895.18; its highest since July 2014 when it closed around 1,890 points. Note that it has been about 4 years since it last closed above 1,890 points.  What are the probable possibilities? In my opinion, there are three possibilities:  1. The market stages a false breakout and then moves lower to 1,810 points. 2. This is a genuine breakout, prices hold above 1,880 points, and continues moving higher. 3. Prices retrace below 1,880 to around 1,860 or 1,835 points; prices then consolidate for some time.  It should be noted that market momentum was bullish for the past 3 weeks from 8 to April 19  as prices rallied continuously.  Chart 1: FBMKLCI Chart as of April 20, 2018 Bullish momentum to carry on? I cannot deny what I see as the chart tell

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI (2/2/2018)

It has been awhile since I last reviewed the FBMKLCI. My last review was on 26/11/2017. During that time I was bearish on the FBMKLCI and highlighted that the immediate support was around 1,700 points. Do check out my review HERE . I came close though, the FBMKLCI reached 1,708 points in December 5, 2017. Ever since then, the FBMKLCI has rallied to a high of 1,880 points as of February 2, 2018. Overall, the FBMKLCI is in an uptrend, potentially taking a breather at 1,880 points. Chart 1: FBMKLCI From the price action, I noticed that currently FBMKLCI is oversold and has met immediate resistance at 1,880. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Stochastic Indicator also shows that the index is oversold. Despite the FBMKLCI being oversold, I cannot for sure say that prices will immediately turn south. Probably consolidating before continuing in its uptrend. Based on price action, I think prices may retrace due to the oversold conditions. The cautious sentiment was echoed around the Asi

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI 26/11/2017

This is a follow-up review. It has been a month since I last charted the FBMKLCI. Market sentiment continued to weaken and dragged the FBMKLCI lower. As the down trend is still intact, it will most likely persist until it reaches support. I previously reviewed the FBMKLCI HERE . From my review, I highlighted the bearish trend. After almost a month, the bearish trend is still persisting. Check out Chart 1 below on the medium term trend: Chart 1: FBMKLCI Medium Term Trend Nothing too exciting about the FBMKLCI though. Investors should be cautious about the market sentiment. My view is that the FBMKLCI may not have found firm support yet and may trend lower. Chart 1 above shows the medium-term trend of the FBMKLCI. There are a few key support and resistance levels: Key Support: S1: 1,700 S2: 1,680 Key Resistance: R1: 1,725 R2: 1,751 Chart 2: FBMKLCI Short Term Trend Final thoughts Probably, it might be a good time to cash-in onto some profits now. Judging from immediate price ac

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI 21/10/2017

The FBMKLCI has been depressed lately. Looking at the chart below, it makes me feel uneasy. Charting the FBMKLCI is more for determining the overall market sentiment, and may have no relation to individual stocks. Picture 1: FBMKLCI - Key Support / Resistance Levels Market sentiment has been bearish. This is evident by the string of black candles in the past 2 weeks. Sentiment became more bearish as the week progressed as the index made 4 consecutive lower closes towards the end of the week. On Friday, October 20, 2017, the market closed at 1,740.65 - immediate support level. A brief back ground on the bearish trend On October 9, once prices failed to rally above resistance at 1,766 - zone of price rejection, prices immediately turned south. Prices broke below key support level of 1,752. Based on the current trend, the bear trend will most likely resume until it finds support. Currently, the index is trading at its immediate support of 1,742 / 1,741. Key support levels If the supp