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A Walk in the Park with Cypark Resources Berhad (5184)

Lately, I have been searching for a company which has good profit margins, a business model which is non-conventional (i.e., not manufacturing, banking, plantation, and trading in nature), and resilient to external market shocks. I hope I have found the right company! This week I will be looking at Cypark Resources Berhad (5184). Cypark is a company that is involved with the provision of environmental solutions. It has 4 main business segments which are: 1. Environmental engineering: Provision of nature conservation and environmental improvement services. 2. Landscaping and infrastructure: Provision of landscape services, project management services, and infrastructure development. 3. Maintenance: Provision of specialist maintenance works on leachate treatment plants, landscape services for parks, and maintenance of public amenities. 4. Green technology & renewable energy: Solar panel, biogas, biomass, waste-to-energy, and other renewable energy project

Ornapaper Berhad - From corrugated boxes to carton boxes

As you may know, most stocks on Bursa Malaysia have traded lower in recent weeks due to the bearish sentiment and lack of positive factors. Share prices may continue to retrace or consolidate, but either way, it is good to keep your options open. Ornapaper Berhad (5065) is a company I came across due to tips from my acquaintance, and thought I should review this stock.    Ornapaper Berhad is a company involved in the paper packaging industry and is listed on Bursa Malaysia. To be precise, it designs, manufactures and sells corrugated boxes and carton boxes within Malaysia. It derives about 90% of its revenue is from the paper packaging industry while the remaining 10% of its revenue is from the manufacture of paper-based stationery. Picture 1: Carton Boxes Carton/corrugated boxes have many uses and serve the needs of multiple industries. Among the industries that it serves is the electrical and electronics, food and beverage, furniture, textile, rubber, plastic, and agriculture ind

Technical Analysis Review: FBMKLCI 26/11/2017

This is a follow-up review. It has been a month since I last charted the FBMKLCI. Market sentiment continued to weaken and dragged the FBMKLCI lower. As the down trend is still intact, it will most likely persist until it reaches support. I previously reviewed the FBMKLCI HERE . From my review, I highlighted the bearish trend. After almost a month, the bearish trend is still persisting. Check out Chart 1 below on the medium term trend: Chart 1: FBMKLCI Medium Term Trend Nothing too exciting about the FBMKLCI though. Investors should be cautious about the market sentiment. My view is that the FBMKLCI may not have found firm support yet and may trend lower. Chart 1 above shows the medium-term trend of the FBMKLCI. There are a few key support and resistance levels: Key Support: S1: 1,700 S2: 1,680 Key Resistance: R1: 1,725 R2: 1,751 Chart 2: FBMKLCI Short Term Trend Final thoughts Probably, it might be a good time to cash-in onto some profits now. Judging from immediate price ac

Trading Ideas: Century Logistics Holdings Bhd (14/11/201)

This week I wanted to take look at Century Logistics Holdings Bhd (7117) to see whether it has any potential investment value. I have never analysed this company in more detail as I had never allocated time to look at it; my loss though. Since rallying to a high of RM 1.40 in June 16, 2017, it retraced to RM 1.03 in September 2017. Ever since then, the company’s share price has been consolidating. The company is involved with the logistics business, as described by its name – Century Logistics. This analysis is a litmus test to see whether this company warrants more attention. It was noted that on October 31, 2016, the founder and major shareholder, Datuk Richard Phua, had transacted to dispose off his 31.44% stake in Century Logistics to CJ Korea Express Asia Ltd for RM1.45 per share. Its new parent company CJ Logistics Corp is quite a large Korean logistics company with an annual turnover of over USD 4 billion. Below is a chart of its share price performance for 1 year: Chart 1: Cent

Technical Analysis Review: Hiap Teck Venture Bhd (5072) - 12/11/2017

I recently found out about this company -- Hiap Teck Venture Bhd (5072) -- through a friend of mine, and I thought I should take a look at it. I have not performed my fundamental analysis on this company yet, but I wanted to write about my observations on the price action of this company.  Based on a surface level review of its financials, I noted that its joint venture company -- Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd -- recorded an impairment loss on its property, plant and equipment of about RM 266 million in its latest Q4 2017 financial result that was announced on September 28, 2017. As Hiap Teck's interest in the joint venture company was 55%, its share of losses from Eastern Steel was roughly RM 155 million. See Picture 1 below on the summary of its quarterly results: Picture 1: Summary Hiap Teck's Quarterly Results (Source: i3investor) Technical Analysis Review of its Share Price Picture 2: Price Chart of Hiap Teck Based on my observations of the price chart

Chronicles of Kronologi Asia Berhad

Kronologi Asia Berhad (0176) is an electronic data management solutions provider listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia. This company has garnered much attention as its share price jumped from RM 0.36 per share in late April 2017 to RM 1.10 per share in early-November 2017 – a remarkable 300% gain! Chart 1: Kronology Asia Berhad Share Price What does it do? Its prospectus pretty much sums up what it does “To achieve data assurance and protection through the systematic backup, storage and recovery of enterprise data to ensure business continuity.” In short, it is a computer data storage systems provider. It provides data storage solutions to its customer by tailoring their needs to its products. Its products are categorized into 2 segments: 1. Enterprise data management infrastructure technology (EDM Infrastructure Technology) – the physical hardware, software and/or equipment components of EDM 2. Enterprise data management managed services (EDM MS) – backup, health chec

Trading Ideas: Success Transformer Corporation (7207)

Success Transformer is a company that I have been monitoring for some time. I previously made some money investing in it, and thought it would be a good idea to revisit this company now. It is involved with the industrial lighting and electric transformer manufacturing business. It has a listed subsidiary, Seremban Engineering Berhad (5163), which is involved with the process engineering industry. Its share price has been consolidating for some time, and I think there may be opportunities to invest in this company. Chart 1: Success Transformer Corp share price From 2014 until 2016, Success' process equipment division was hit by cost overruns on certain projects which resulted in it reporting losses. Looking at its price chart, its share price has not progressed much from 2014 - 2016. Post financial year 2016, business operations seemed much better. It appears that its process engineering division has since gotten out of the red and is now reporting profits. Even the profit marg

Technical Analysis Review: HeveaBoard (5095) 25/10/2017

This counter had recently rallied and closed at a high of RM1.75 on October 23, 2017. What followed in the subsequent days were 2 straight days of profit taking. This was evident by the 2 significant black bodied candles which closed lower until October 25, 2017. Refer Picture 1 below on the technical chart of HeveaBoard. Picture 1:HeveaBoard Chart 25/10/2017 For any investor, testing a high 3 times at RM1.75 in 3 months would be an important indicator of a potential change in trend. Currently, HeveaBoard is trading at an important price "zone" - immediate medium term support level of RM 1.62 . Knowledge sharing For all support/resistance levels, there is a +/- variance of approximately 1% from the support line indicated. Hence, support at RM 1.62, can be interpreted as support at RM1.61 or RM 1.63. Can the support zone hold? Probably, because prices retraced about 50% from its previous rally . Note that the previous rally began in the highlighted RED rectangle - September 2